Report: Google Play Store has more apps than Apple App Store

For the first time since Apple launched the App Store, Google surpassed Apple with the highest number of available apps.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
(Image: appFigures)
Android beats iOS in smartphone market share and at the end of 2014 data shows that Google also beats Apple with number of applications in the app store.

The appFigures data is provided from tens of thousands of iOS and Android developers using their intelligence platform. 2014 data shows that Google surpassed Apple for total number of apps, 1.43 million compared to 1.21 million.

Last week Flurry Analytics posted mobile application usage with significant growth in shopping and productivity. appFigures released their 2014 report that also shows growth in iOS business apps.

We also see 90 percent growth in Amazon's app store, up to 293,000 apps. This is good for those using Kindle Fire devices and BlackBerry 10 smartphones preloaded with the Amazon App Store.

All of those apps come from nearly 400,000 Android developers and 280,000 iOS developers.

iOS saw the most growth in the business and food & drink categores. Android saw the highest rate of growth in games and photography. With Android smartphones getting better cameras it isn't surprising to see such growth in photography.

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