Report: IT bosses struggle to find qualified staff

A study has found that 60 percent of IT department heads had trouble finding suitable staff to fill roles
Written by Shelley Portet, Contributor

Tech leaders are struggling to find staff with the skills to match the demands that other departments are placing on IT, according to research.

A survey of chief information officers, IT directors and other decision makers by the recruitment agency Modis International has found that 60 percent of IT chiefs had difficulty finding candidates with expertise, particularly in digital commerce, social media and web architecture.

Jim Albert, managing director of Modis, explained that IT departments are coming under pressure to meet the requirements of other parts of the business. "Marketing is coming to IT and saying: 'I need tools to make money on the internet, to sell my brand on the internet' — and IT departments don't currently have the skills to cope with those demands," Albert said.

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