Reuters signs IT support deal with Computacenter

The £20m IT support contract consolidates a number of existing deals and aims to cut costs and improve service levels
Written by Andy McCue, Contributor

Reuters has signed a £20m IT support deal with Computacenter aimed at cutting costs and improving service levels.

The four-year contract went live last month and covers a range of IT infrastructure support services, including service management, dispatch desk, supply chain logistics, incident and change management and decommissioning.

The deal covers support for Reuters' systems and customers in the UK.

Beat Goehring, head of the professional services group at Reuters, said the deal with Computacenter will help to improve "both the quality and effectiveness of the overall service".

An unconfirmed number of Reuters support staff will transfer across to Computacenter under Tupe regulations.

Goehring said in a statement: "Computacenter has a good fit with our customers and a proven track record in Tupe and retaining transferred staff. We are confident that it will be able to provide impacted staff with enhanced career prospects, which was a key factor in our decision."

Last month Reuters confirmed a separate £500m outsourcing deal with Fujitsu Services as part of a move to a standardised global platform that will cut annual IT service delivery costs by a quarter.

That contract covers Reuters' core IT internal services, including email and desktop, and consolidates a number of existing deals.

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