Rubrik r528 provides comprehensive storage encryption and security

Aimed at enterprise customers who are concerned about data security and ransomware, the Rubrik r528 is the industry's first security enhanced Converged Data Management appliance.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

With data breaches and ransomware attacks now commonplace, smart companies are now more concerned than ever about safely and securely storing their data.

Rubrik, the market leader in Converged Data Management, has unveiled the r528, the industry's first security enhanced Converged Data Management appliance which encrypts the data both "in flight" to prevent unauthorized access when it's being sent across networks, and when "at rest" on servers.

The r528 appliance is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified appliance (which makes it ready for federal, state, and local government, as well as the financial, legal, and healthcare sectors), and comes equipped with self-encrypting HDDs and SSDs, flexible key management options, and physical tamper security.

The r528 is offered as a 2U appliance with two x86 nodes that can protect up to 300TB of data, with the underlying Rubrik platform offering unlimited replication, support for VMware vSphere 5.1, 5.5, 6.0, Amazon S3, NFS, S3 API compatible object stores, policy-driven management engine, recovery with near-zero RTO and elastic RPO, and action-oriented reporting.

"With the amount of digital data projected to grow to 1 trillion gigabytes by 2020, and a growing trend in data breaches, it is imperative that businesses apply the highest security standards to all their data," said co-founder and CEO Bipul Sinha. "We developed the r528 to ensure data is encrypted both in transit across a network and at rest to meet the security needs of our enterprise and public sector customers. This is the next step in Rubrik's evolution as the leading company changing the game for data protection and recovery."

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