Run Android apps on your Microsoft Surface Pro with BlueStacks

There are plenty of apps for Windows 8 in the Windows Store, but there are thousands more for Android. With the free BlueStacks application you can now run your favorite Android apps on your Surface Pro.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

It took some effort to purchase my 128GB Surface Pro, but I now have it setup with VPN and all of my engineering apps so it is my first super portable computer that doesn't limit me on the go. I just read this morning over on the Android Central website that I can now also run Android apps on my Surface Pro with the free BlueStacks software. While there are plenty of my favorite apps in the Windows Store that have the Metro UI, I appreciate the ability to be able to use some of the apps I already purchased on my Android devices.

Angry Birds Star Wars is available on all platforms, but without a central login system you have to choose just one or else you have to play through on each device. I enjoy playing on my Note II and have held back paying $4.99 for the Windows 8 version. With BlueStacks I should be able to play the Android version I already bought, but I will still have to start over on my Surface Pro.

As I look at my Note II, Nexus 7, and Surface Pro, I can see there are still Android apps I want to run on the Surface Pro so BlueStacks may be quite useful. For example, I plan to test TripIt, Alaska Airlines, USAA Bank, Plume (Twitter apps on Windows 8 still need lots of work), Flipboard, Pocket, Google Play Magazines (Nook does a good job with mags too), Amazon MP3, Play Music, and Google Drive. Many of these services can be accessed via the full web browser on Windows 8, but often a dedicated app has a better user interface and is more enjoyable to use.

What apps would you use with BlueStacks on a Surface Pro?

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