SAGE-AU puts conference on ice

The resignation of SAGE-AU executive officer Burke Scheld means that the organisation will no longer hold its annual conference in October.
Written by Suzanne Tindal, Contributor

The System Administrators Guild of Australia (SAGE-AU) has decided not to hold its annual conference in Cairns, Queensland, in October, after the resignation of its executive officer.

The Guild had suspended new registrations for the conference earlier this week, following the resignation of Burke Scheld, who had been organising the conference. With just five weeks until the event was to be held, it said that it wanted to assess whether it could run the event effectively.

It has now decided that it would not be good for the organisation or its members to go ahead with the conference. It said that it would set a new date for the conference after creating a revised strategy.

"Organising a national conference always requires a huge amount of effort," SAGE-AU vice president Robert Hudson said in a statement. "The board has decided it's in the best interests of our members to defer the event until we can make the 20th national conference a memorable success."

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