Salesforce brings IQ Inbox to Outlook, Office 365

SalesforceIQ Inbox aims to turn email into a CRM system. Now the application will be integrated with Office to reach joint customers.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

SalesforceIQ brought its IQ Inbox tools to Microsoft Office 365 in a move that integrates email and CRM.

IQ Inbox was launched in January with integration with Apple's iOS, Android and Google's Chrome, but joint customers were asking for Outlook integration.

SalesforceIQ Inbox compiles data from CRM systems, contacts, documents and calendar and links them with social profiles and other information. The idea is that an enterprise user could spot customer emails and act on opportunities in Salesforce directly from email.

"Outlook integration was our No. 1 feature request," said SalesforceIQ CEO Steve Loughlin.

SalesforceIQ CRM, which is aimed at smaller enterprises, along with IQ Inbox are products that have launched from the acquisition of RelateIQ in 2014. Salesforce paid $390 million for RelateIQ and set it up as a subsidiary.

The Office 365 integration is notable given the partnership between Microsoft and Salesforce. The two companies have multiple joint customers across enterprises. The integration covers the desktop as well as mobile apps for Office.

SalesforceIQ Inbox was mentioned as one of Salesforce's featured items in its recent product roadmap briefing. The service will be $25 per user a month.


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