Salesforce updates Sales Cloud for more digital, data-driven sales

New capabilities include Pipeline Inspection for tracking week-by-week Pipeline changes, as well as the full integration of Trailhead to help onboard new sales reps.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Pipeline Inspection will be generally available this summer.

Salesforce on Wednesday announced a series of updates to the Sales Cloud, designed to help sales forces that increasingly rely on data and digital interactions to close deals. Some of the new capabilities include Pipeline Inspection for tracking week-by-week Pipeline changes, as well as the full integration of Trailhead (Salesforce's online learning platform) to help onboard new sales reps. 

As it rolls out the new features, Salesforce is pointing to a survey it conducted, showing that 61 percent of salespeople say their roles have changed permanently since the Covid-19 pandemic began. For instance, just over half expect to travel less than they did before the pandemic. 

Consequently, "we've reimagined Sales Cloud to guide every company as they rethink the digital sales experience, from leads to coaching to processing revenue," Warren Wick, Chief Revenue Officer for the Salesforce Sales Cloud, said in a statement. 

The new Pipeline Inspection feature tracks pipeline changes week by week. It uses AI to find the deals that matter most, such as those that need more support. 

Meanwhile, the new In-App Learning for myTrailhead fully integrates the Trailhead online learning platform into Sales Cloud. Sales teams can check out educational and informational materials, such as competitor analyses, that will should help onboard new reps quickly. 

Salesforce is also introducing Global Models for Opportunity Scoring, which use aggregate, anonymized customer trends to create sales opportunity scores. 

Pipeline Inspection, In-App Learning with Trailhead, Global Models will all be generally available this summer.


Salesforce's Einstein Conversation Insights is now generally available

Salesforce is also bringing into GA a series of previously-announced capabilities

  • Salesforce Meetings is a new video management system that works with a sales rep's video conferencing tool of choice -- whether it's Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any other platform -- to create a more sales-focused video call experience. 
  • Einstein Conversation Insights analyzes video call transcripts, helping sales teams and managers spot trends in calls -- such as whether competitors are getting mentioned more often. 
  • MuleSoft Composer gives enterprises a no-code way to build integrations into Salesforce.
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