Samba Tech launches Kast, an enterprise mobile video and messaging collaboration tool

Snapchat and Instagram are popular video and photo sharing applications focused on the consumer. Kast brings a similar video and messaging experience to the enterprise, leveraging our powerful mobile devices.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
(Image: Samba Tech)

Millions enjoy using mobile video and images with services such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, but these services aren't appropriate for the enterprise environment. Today, Samba Tech launched the first free mobile video app designed to provide interactive team communication and collaboration for businesses in the US market.

Samba Tech, the largest independent distributor of online videos in Latin America, is hoping to bring the experience from these consumer apps to the enterprise with Kast. Snapchat sees more than 10 billion daily video views, which is a massive figure that I can hardly wrap my head around. Video messaging is an effective form of communication and Kast brings this experience to businesses.

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for use with Android and iOS devices. Kast is powered by Samba Tech's infrastructure and built on Microsoft Azure. Samba Tech opened a new US office in Seattle as it works closely with Microsoft to provide a reliable system for customers.

As stated in the press release, Kast provides useful features for the enterprise, including:

  • Build a profile and invite coworkers
  • Follow channels or coworkers and enable channel notifications
  • Create video and audio recordings up to two minutes in length
  • Create public or private channels
  • Check out what's trending from your colleagues
  • Rest assured that your content is secure
  • Kast Premium provides enhanced management for your IT group

Gustavo Caetano, Founder and CEO of Samba Tech, stated, "Big companies don't have a good way to engage with their employees. With Kast, sales, marketing, HR, engineering, support, leadership and more, can use video to create and capture dynamic moments and ideas, or to deliver corporate information in a fresh and engaging way."

Kast has a user interface similar to current social networking applications so it should be quick and easy for your employees to pick up and start using the service with their favorite smartphone or tablet. Slack is very popular in the business world today, but it looks like Kast will supplement that experience through an enhanced video system.

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