Samsung and KDDI complete 5G trial in baseball stadium

KDDI and Samsung used 5G tablets to download and stream live feeds of 4K videos at Okinawa Cellular Stadium in Japan.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

KDDI and Samsung have competed a 5G field trial in a 30,000-person capacity baseball stadium in Japan, the companies announced.

The two firms successfully downloaded and streamed a live feed of 4K video on a 5G tablet at Okinawa Cellular Stadium.

Samsung's 5G access units with beam-forming technology were installed on a light tower outside the left field fence.

A 5G coverage area was created in the direction of the home plate up to the first and third base and tablets were placed on the covered seats to download and stream 4K videos.

The successful outcome will lead to new viewing experiences in crowded places like international conferences and music concerts using 5G and ultra-high frequency spectrum, such as the 28GHz used for the trial, the companies said.

In December, Samsung and KDDI achieved download speeds of 1.7Gbps on a high-speed train in Tokyo.

Samsung's network business has been working with global telcos in 5G efforts. In February, the firm tested a 5G video call using tablets between Verizon and KT.

In the same month, it announced a 5G fixed wireless trial with French telco Orange in Romania.


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