Samsung expands IoT partnerships for ARTIK, teams up with PTC

Samsung is stepping up its industrial IoT game, with its ARTIK platform as a service.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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Samsung announced a series of partnerships with the likes of PTC, in a bid to put its ARTIK Internet of Things (IoT) platform into more buildings, devices, and industrial settings.

James Stansberry, general manager of ARTIK, said the IoT platform is typically used by manufacturers as well as health care device manufacturers. Home automation and services are also on the ARTIK platform.

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At the Embedded World conference and Mobile World Congress 2018, Samsung outlined a series of initiatives that follow up on the company's IoT announcements in recent months.

Among the major highlights:

  • Samsung formed a partnership with PTC on its ThingWorx platform, which is used in industrial settings.
  • ARTIK is also being integrated with Shoreline iCast2's IoT bridge in a move that pairs up PTC, Samsung and Shoreline in industrial IoT deployments.
  • Samsung's ARTIK is now interoperable with Harman's smart building software. In addition to auto, audio and infotainment, Harman also has an IoT deployment unit. Harman was acquired by Samsung last year. Harmon has a connected services unit that provides design and integration help for smart factories, buildings, retail, and healthcare, said Stansberry.
  • Partnerships with Multi-Tech for cellular support and Greenwave Systems for analytics.
  • And support for the Seeed Eagleeye530 Dev Kit, which is Raspberry Pi-compatible. Enterprises are developing IoT prototypes on Raspberry Pi, but the Seed effort is more production ready.

ARTIK, which is the platform entry in Samsung's IoT strategy, complements Samsung's Smart Things Cloud. Perhaps the most important move for ARTIK is the PTC partnership.


"PTC is on the factory floor and we're putting together standards based IoT," said Stansberry. "With PTC and Shoreline the three of us can deliver a solution in a box with systems integrators."

PTC's ThingWorxs is a staple in industrial IoT deployments and ARTIK will give Samsung a foothold in the space. The Samsung ARTIK and PTC have teamed up on cloud services, asset management kits, device hardware via Shoreline, and various tools. ARTIK modules can now connect directly to PTC ThingWorx.

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On the partnership front, ARTIK will integrate with Harman's gateway and applications and industrial tools. Samsung and Harman said they have joint customer implementations already under way.

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