Samsung commercialises ARTIK chip in IoT push

After teasing the chip module for nearly a year, Samsung has finally commercially launched its ARTIK Internet of Things (IoT) platform, with a partner program to promote it and Digi-Key as its online distributor.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung has finally commercially launched its ARTIK family of chips for IoT businesses after unveiling them last May in San Francisco.

ARTIK is a one-stop chip module that has a built-in application processor, modem chip, memory chip, and sensor, as well as supporting software, drivers, storage, security, development board, and cloud in the software front. ARTIK is offered in three options with different sizes and specifications: ARTIK 1, ARTIK 5, and ARTIK 10.

Its diverse support for numerous technologies allows developers and product designers freedom to build "whatever device they want", a Samsung spokesman said.

Developer kits for the module can be ordered from Samsung's channel partner Digi-Key Electronics starting February 22 and those wishing to utilise the chips for their devices can go to the official homepage and order in bulk. Lower volume orders can be placed on Digi-Key's website from sometime next month.

Samsung also launched the Certified ARTIK Partner Program. Those who place orders and join will get support from the tech giant to accelerate commercialisation of their products that use the chip. In terms of operating systems, ARTIK offers support for Snappy Ubuntu, Tizen, Fedora Linux stack, and Nucleus Real Time, but not Android.

In tools, Arduino's web-based development environment and Temboo, which enables cloud connectivity and automatic code generation, will be supported. Medium One's workflow tools and voice control of Sensory and Soundhound, as well as 3D radar tech by Vayyar are available.

Clients get to use Microsoft's Azure cloud platform as well as Samsung's own SAMIIO, an open data exchange platform. Samsung stressed that the chips have built-in hardware security with trusted executive environment (TEE) by Trustonic.

"I'm very proud of the Samsung ARTIK team and the strong momentum they have achieved. In less than 8 months, we've gone from product launch to commercial availability, while building multiple modules, operating systems, embedded security, and a growing ecosystem of actively engaged partners," said CTO Dr Byungse So of Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, in a statement.

"We believe in the power of open platforms and partner ecosystems, leveraging the wealth of expertise and experience available in the market to bring delightful experiences to our customers. We're excited to see all the innovative projects that developers will come up with in the future."

The South Korean tech giant has repeatedly promoted IoT since last year's Consumer Electronics Show. The topic is likely to be a big part of the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, as well as for tech companies in general.

Samsung declined to comment on expected volume and revenue from the business.

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