​Samsung delays official Note 7 sales in South Korea

The tech giant has postponed the resumption of Galaxy Note 7 sales to October to make sure the recall is finished beforehand.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung Electronics has delayed the resumption of official sales for the Galaxy Note 7 to October 1, from the previous September 28, in South Korea.

In its home country, the company sold around 400,000 units before the global recall.

Pre-order deliveries, which were to start on Monday, were also delayed to Wednesday, September 28.

Around 200,000 phones have been exchanged, and the company said it wanted to focus on the recall this month. The decision was for concerns that the rate of exchanges will fall if sales began too early.

In Singapore, the rate for exchanges exceeded 50 percent the day it started on September 16. In the US, it passed 50 percent within two days of starting on September 21.

South Korea was relatively slow, having started the exchange program on September 19 and hitting 50 percent after near a week.

Samsung is strongly calling on Note 7 customers who haven't returned their phones yet to do so.

Last week, the company extended the refund deadline for the flagship phones to September 30. New batches of the phones are also now required to go through X-ray testing to make sure the batteries are safe.

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