​Samsung expands AI centres to UK, Canada, Russia

Samsung Electronics will open new AI research centers in Cambridge, Toronto, and Moscow.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung Electronics will open three new AI research centres abroad, the company has announced.

Samsung Research, the South Korea tech giant's research division for end-products, will establish centres this month in Cambridge in the UK, Toronto in Canada, and Moscow, Russia, it said.

The company already has AI centers in Seoul and Silicon Valley, which opened in November and January, respectively.

Samsung wants to expand the number of advanced AI researchers to 1,000 globally by 2020.

The Cambridge centre will be led by Andrew Blake, an ex-director at Microsoft in the same field, who developed theory and algorithms allowing computers to behave like "seeing machines".

The one in Toronto will be led by Samsung Research America SVP Larry Heck, who specializes in virtual personal assistant technologies.

The Moscow centre will capitalize on Russia's expertise in fundamental sciences such as mathematics and physics, the company said.

Samsung aims to build an AI platform under a common architecture that will scale quickly and provide the deep understanding of usage context and behaviours.

Last year, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), a separate research that focuses on long-term research, opened an AI lab in Montreal, Canada.

Samsung is installing its AI virtual assistant Bixby to more products, including in ovens and robot cleaners.


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