Samsung films football match with 8K cameras

Samsung used six 8K cameras to film International Champions Cup matches in Singapore.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer on

Samsung has used 8K cameras to film football matches in its bid to create more contents using the ultra-high resolution.

The South Korean tech giant filmed matches of the International Champions Cup held in Singapore between Manchester United and Inter Milan on July 20, and Tottenham Hotspur and Juventus on July 21 using six 8K cameras.

Samsung said filming in the ultra-high resolution allowed for capturing of minute details such as facial expressions of players and the crowd.

The company also said it used its AI Sound feature to optimise sound for the games.

8K videos of the matches will be showcased in Samsung's social media channels and on its QLED 8K TV line-up in September.

The South Korean conglomerate said it will continue to create 8K content to expand the 8K TV market.

Samsung was the first to deploy TVs supporting the next-generation resolution late last year and said it will control half of the market for them this year.

Rival LG started pre-orders for its 8K OLED TV in June.

Sport matches for basketball and football are popular testing grounds for 8K videos as cameras are situated in fixed-points, allowing the film crew to control filming better.

A lack of 8K content has been a sticking point in expanding 8K TVs for consumers and vendors such as Samsung, who are offering upscaling technology and wooing content creators to create more content using the resolution.

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