Samsung begins production of upgraded 12GB DRAM

The new DRAM package will power upcoming flagship phones and consist of eight 12GB LPDDR5 mobile DRAMs that will run at a data rate of 5,500Mbps.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung's new 12GB LPDDR5 DRAM will allow its new 12GB DRAM packages to boast a data rate of 5,500Mbps. 

(Image: Samsung)

Samsung Electronics has begun production of its 2GB Low Power Double Data Rate 5 (LPDDR5) mobile DRAM, the company announced.

The world's largest memory chip maker will package eight of them into a 12GB LPDDR5 DRAM and supply it for new flagship smartphones, the company said.

Samsung first introduced 12GB DRAM in March, which had been made out of the previous generation 12Gb LPDDR4X.

The newer DRAM boasts data rates of 5,500Mbps, which is 1.3 times faster than the DRAM unveiled in March, while consuming 30% less power. The new memory chip will improve the stability of 5G smartphones when filming high-definition videos and activating artificial intelligence and machine learning features.

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Samsung also said it would consider plans to expand production capacity for the latest LPDDR5 DRAM at its Pyeongtaek fab if customer demand for the chip is high.

The company's memory semiconductor business has been a profit darling for the past two years but the market has recently faced a downturn, with the South Korean conglomerate expecting a profit drop of 56% in the second quarter.

In preparation for when the market recovers, Samsung has doubled down on investment and development for its chip business, with the company also announcing its plans to ship DRAM with data rates of 6,400Mbps next year and begin development of 16GB LPDDR5 to increase its competence in the premium mobile market.  

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 10 smartphone is expected to launch on August 7.

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