Samsung Galaxy Note 8's new record: Tests show its display outshines iPhone 7's

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 has scored top marks for its display.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

The Galaxy Note 8 has set a new record for the brightness of the display on smartphones, according to display testing firm DisplayMate.

The new 6.3-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display is one of the standout features in the Note 8, the successor to the fire-prone phone that Samsung wants everyone to forget.

The device has dazzled DisplayMate, which says the Note 8 has the best display it's ever tested, with several key improvements over the Galaxy S8, which it awarded an A+ grade to.

The Note 8 should be easy to view outdoors in sunlight thanks to the display's peak brightness of over 1,200 nits. That's 22-percent brighter than the Galaxy S8 and brighter than all other smartphones on the market, including the iPhone 7, which has a peak brightness of 705 nits.

The Infinity display also created 14 percent more screen space without changing the size of Samsung's failed predecessor.

The Note 8's display performed well on color, too -- now with a wider color gamut and four screen modes for viewing different content, such as photos or movies. DisplayMate says the Note 8 can play the same 4K content produced for 4K UHD TVs.

Other notable additions to the display include a new night mode with blue filter for less disruptive night reading and dual ambient light sensors for better automatic brightness.

It also features three Power Savings Modes to reduce impact of the display on the battery. This feature lowers the brightness and setting the background to black.

The Galaxy Note 8 is currently available for pre-order and will go on sale in the US, UK, and South Korea on Sept. 15.


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