Samsung launches Galaxy Note 8 with dual camera, improved display, S Pen

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note 8 with features designed to appeal to consumers, prosumers, and businesses.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 8 in New York with a 6.3-inch display, a multitasking feature called App Pair, a dual camera, and various improvements for the S Pen stylus.


The Galaxy Note 8 had a few important items on the to-do list as Samsung launched the device in New York City. Among the items:

  • Put the Galaxy Note 7 battery recall behind Samsung.
  • Gain some momentum ahead of Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone launch.
  • Defend a premium smartphone brand and price as screens go larger across multiple price points of phones.
  • Position Samsung as a company that can satisfy consumers and enterprises with tools such as the DeX system that turns the Note 8 into a PC.

It remains to be seen whether the Galaxy Note 8 will check all of those aforementioned boxes, but it'll certainly deliver more than a few. Pre-orders start Aug. 24 with availability Sept. 15. Samsung is offering a chose of a free Samsung Gear 360 camera or Galaxy Foundation kit for people who order a Note 8 between Aug. 24 and Sept. 24.

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Samsung started out its event in New York by thanking customers for sticking with the company and addressing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall up front. DJ Koh, president of Samsung's mobile communications business, said "we are here to celebrate on of the industries truly unique devices." Koh, who was clearly looking to put the Note 7 recall in the rear-view mirror, trumpeted how Samsung created the phablet category and boosted productivity. "We are here today because of your support," he said.

Koh added that the Note 8 is aimed at go-getters who are loyal and want a unique device and have created a "tribe" of creatives.

Patrick Moorhead, principal of Moor Insight, said "the Note 8 strikes me as a really good consumer phone, but an even better business "get stuff done" smartphone. The Note8 has some features I believe will make enterprises and business people happy."


The first takes for the Galaxy Note 8 were positive. ZDNet's Matthew Miller said that the Galaxy Note 8 is differentiated enough from the Galaxy S8 Plus to garner a purchase. CNET was upbeat about the possibilities too.

Among the key features rolled out by Samsung:

  • A 6.3-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display, which will allow users to scroll less.
  • S Pen features that include Live Messages in handwriting as well as special effects for sharing on social apps. Koh said that the S Pen brings more emotion to communications and melds art and productivity. Samsung outlined an effort call PenUp that will aggregate S Pen art and include coloring books. The aim of Samsung is to create more engagement for the S Pen and Note 8.
  • An always on memo ability to take notes when the screen is off and improved translation features.
  • Two dual 12MP rear cameras with optical image stabilization on wide angle and telephoto lenses. The front-facing camera is 8MP.
  • Dual capture mode can all the rear cameras to take two pictures at the same time.
  • And features such as water and dust resistance, fast wireless charging, Knox, biometric security and expandable memory found on the Galaxy S8 line.

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