Samsung Galaxy S24 users report more concerning display issues on Reddit

Here's what to do if your Galaxy S24 is affected.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer
Samsung Galaxy S24 and iPhone 15
June Wan/ZDNET

The Galaxy S24 line, which debuted just a few weeks ago, may offer the "flagship of Android flagships," but that doesn't mean it's immune from problems. 

Almost immediately after launch, S24 users began complaining that their phone display seemed washed out. Samsung initially defended the phone, saying it was supposed to look like that. But it quickly followed up by promising a "vividness slider" to remedy the issue in an upcoming update.

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Now though, another issue has arisen. First pointed out by AndroidPolice, hundreds of users on Reddit are complaining that their phone screen takes on a grainy texture or displays unsightly horizontal bars, especially with dark or gray backgrounds in low light. The issue wasn't present on lower-resolution older devices, users say.

One user even reported visiting a local Samsung store and seeing the same issue with phones on display, meaning it's not exactly an issue localized to just a few cases. 

While the issue doesn't prevent usage of the phone, it's still fairly concerning for a $1,300 device. 

Given that several users report having their device replaced by Samsung because of this problem, a hardware issue seems likely.

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It's worth noting that problems like this aren't uncommon with new phones. The Google Pixel 8 Pro faced a similar issue not long after its launch last fall.

To check your device's display, you can dial *#0*# and cycle through the colors to see if any gradients, grains, or lines appear. Additionally, you could use an LED screen tester like Test My Screen to check your phone. If you have this issue with your phone, it's recommended that you contact Samsung support. 

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