​Samsung Gear VR comes to Legoland Malaysia ride

Legoland Malaysia marries roller coasters with virtual reality with the help of Samsung's Gear VR.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung Electronics and Legoland Malaysia Resort have launched a roller coaster ride that uses virtual reality (VR).

The Great Lego Race riders wear Samsung's Gear VR headset to experience a virtual reality made of Lego bricks at the same time that they ride the roller coaster.

Gear VR has been synchronized with the roller coaster's rise, fall, and spin movements to offer immersive "thrills and fun", Samsung said.

The new attraction, which is aimed mostly at kids aged six and over, will be added in Legoland in Florida and Germany next year.

For CNET's review of the ride, click here.

VR is yet to find a wide commercial application. Samsung is looking into various industries, including live sports and music.

In September, the company said it was working with Gangnam Severance Hospital in South Korea to develop mental health diagnosis tools.

The same month, it showed off VR fitness solutions by its partners at Mobile World Congress America.

Samsung launched Microsoft's mixed reality headset Odyssey in South Korea last week.

Monetizing is also a challenge for VR, although South Korean startup Minkonet has developed a native object advertisement solution for live VR streaming in gaming.


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