​Samsung launches mobile startup incubation program

Samsung has launched a program called Creative Square that plans to find and help startup and designers in mobile.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung has launched an incubation program called Creative Square that will help startups and designers working in mobile.

The incubation program will receive applications from June 27 to July 31, and will look for startups with innovative ideas in mobile, the company said.

Selected partners will receive up to 100 billion won ($85,000) in financial support and can use Samsung's R&D campus in Seoul for a minimum of six months and up to a year.

Separately, the company is building a startup campus in the city of Daegu under the Center for Creative Economy & Innovation program, a co-venture with the government.

Applicants will be able to register through Samsung's website for both startups and designers from Monday.

Samsung launched its in-house startup support program C-Lab in 2012. If employees come up with a successful startup idea, they will be allowed the time and backing to create their own companies. They can choose to return if they wish, afterwards.

The company is also calling for a change in its work culture to resemble more that of startups.

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