​Samsung Pay enters Brazil ahead of Olympics

Samsung Pay will launch in Brazil on July 19 ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro next month.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung Pay will launch on July 19 in Brazil, making it the first country in South America to get the mobile payment service.

The launch follows the pre-launch trial last month and is ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games that will began August 5.

Samsung Pay launched in South Korea and the US last year. It entered China, Spain, Singapore, Australia, and Puerto Rico this year.

"Samsung Pay reinforces the company's focus to bring value to both consumers and partners by bringing innovative services to your smartphones," said Thomas Ko, vice president and global co-general manager of Samsung Pay at Samsung Electronics, in a statement. "We are always exploring creative technologies and use cases to provide consumers with an immersive and holistic mobile wallet experience."

In South Korea, the payment service has secured 1 trillion won in transactions.

Since launching, more transaction support has been added in the country, such as withdrawing and depositing at ATMs.

Research conducted by the Federation of Brazilian Banks showed mobile banking rose 138 percent, from 2014's 4.7 billion to 11 billion in 2015, Samsung said.

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