Samsung rolling out Galaxy S20 update with enhancements, including camera improvements

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S20 line, but the Ultra came with some autofocusing issues. Samsung started rolling out an update for the S20 models with enhancements and camera improvements.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The new Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra are arguable the best smartphones currently available. However, there were some camera issues with the S20 Ultra, I mentioned them in my full review, and my in-depth camera article has been delayed in anticipation of an update from Samsung. Go ahead and start pinging the servers as Samsung is actively rolling out this update in the US.

As always, the availability of the rollout is dependent on your carrier and your model of the Galaxy S20. I have a review unit of the S20 Ultra 5G and also a T-Mobile S20 Plus I picked up last week and when this article was posted neither device had the update available. Stay tuned for an upcoming article looking at the camera system when the update has been installed and tested.

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The autofocus issue, in case you haven't experienced it or saw it discussed in a video, occurred when capture still photos and video. The camera struggles to lock focus on a subject and often ends up blurring the subject out. I was able to still capture many great photos, but it sometimes took extra time and effort to get the subject right. I have not noticed this autofocus issue on the S20 Plus and have not seen others report it on any other model other than the S20 Ultra 5G.

Even without the update improving the autofocus performance, it is clear that Samsung did well with the cameras on the S20 line. I've been thoroughly enjoying the S20 Plus with its 64 megapixel shooter capable of nona binning so you get 16 megapixel images when you specifically select the 64MP option for 4:3 shots.

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Samsung provided an email to US press and stated, "The update will provide enhancements to the Galaxy S20 line-up, including the camera systems. Samsung will continue to provide ongoing software updates to improve the overall device experience." I look forward to seeing what other enhancements may be included with this update.

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