Galaxy S6 to get a radical redesign in an attempt to boost sales

With industry insiders claiming that sales of the flagship Galaxy S5 smartphones are falling well short of expectations, Samsung is to go back to the drawing board and radically redesign the Galaxy S6.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor
Samsung Note Edge
(Image: Samsung)

Sales of the Galaxy S5 have, according to insiders, been far from stellar despite getting off to a good start, and rumors are circulating that this has sent Samsung scrabbling back to the drawing board. One of the new features mooted for the Galaxy S6 - a curved screen.

Rumor has it that Samsung's Galaxy S6 will be offered in an Edge variant, and that means a screen that curves towards the one edge, a design currently seen on the Galaxy Note Edge.

Last month Kim Nam-su, a senior Samsung designer and an architect of the Note Edge, hinted that curved was the way forward for the company:

"A change in the platform can bring about a variety of new considerations... I think a curved screen is a big solution for overcoming those challenges."

Is this a revolutionary new feature or just a gimmick? To be honest I'm not sure, and I think that it comes down to personal preferences. But it is something different that only Samsung and LG currently offer, and in a market where there's little differentiation between handsets from different makers, it could help drive sales.

It also seems likely that Samsung will stick with the Galaxy S name, which is a brand that's overall been very popular and has worldwide appeal.

As for the rest of the Galaxy S6 spec, the rumor mill and supply chain chatter is that it will feature a 2560x1440 pixel display, a Snapdragon 810 processor, a 20 megapixel rear camera, and storage options going up to 128GB (to match the iPhone 6).

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