Samsung to include AI digital assistant on Galaxy S8

Samsung confirms a digital assistant will be included on its next flagship.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Image: File photo)

Samsung on Sunday said it will bring an artificial intelligence digital assistant to its upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone, as the phone giant looks to recover after its massive Galaxy Note 7 blunder.

The digital assistant will allow Galaxy S8 users to perform tasks like ordering food or making a calendar appointment, without having to launch third-party applications. Users will simply be able to speak to the digital assistant.

Samsung acquired Viv Labs in October and is expected to use the start-up's AI technology on the Galaxy S8. Viv Labs was founded by the same entrepreneurs who sold Siri to Apple.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S8 in the spring. Details like the digital assistant's design and compatible services are still unknown.

The AI space has began to heat up, with Google taking focus on its own Assistant found on the Pixel smartphone line. Google previously said Google Assistant will be its next big open platform -- along with search, advertising, maps, Android, and Play.

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