Samsung unveils flagship Exynos 2100 smartphone chip

The new 5-nanometer chip offers up to 20% lower power consumption or 10% higher overall performance compared to the previous-gen 7-nanometer chips.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Samsung has unveiled its new flagship processor aimed at high-end Android smartphones.

The Exynos 2100 is Samsung's first chip to feature a built-in 5G modem and is built using a 5-nanometer extreme ultra-violet (EUV) process node.

The new octa-core processor makes use of an improved tri-cluster design consisting of one powerful workhorse Arm Cortex-X1 core running at up to 2.9GHz, three high-performing Cortex-A78 cores, and four power-efficient Cortex-A55 cores.

All-in-all, Samsung claims that this design delivers more in excess of a 30% performance boost in multi-core performance compared to its predecessor.

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The integrated Arm Mali-G78 GPU, which supports the latest APIs such as Vulkan and OpenCL, and gives a graphic performance boost of more than 40%.

The integrated 5G modem sub-6GHz and mmWave spectrums from 2G GSM/CDMA, 3G WCDMA, and 4G LTE, for strong network coverage and reliability. On the performance front, it can deliver downlink speeds of up to 5.1-gigabits per second (Gbps) in sub-6-gigahertz (GHz) and 7.35Gbps in mmWave.

Even on 4G networks, performance is rated up to 3.0Gbps where there is 1024 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) support.

The chips are already in mass production so we should be seeing them appear in smartphones soon.

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