Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge: Don't overthink it

Tech insiders are pondering the deeper meaning of the Galaxy S6 Edge screen. Spare me. Here's where the story goes in the market: "Hey, that screen looks cool. $120 more? Sure, I'll take it."
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

The reviews are in for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and they are positive across the board. Now it's time for the inevitable round of overthinking about the S6 Edge, and those curved slivers of screen.

We tech navel gazers have to harp on something. As I noted before the S6 Edge screens on each side of the device don't do a whole lot. In a nutshell, the Edge gives you notifications on calls, Tweets and messaging. The S6 Edge also makes a nice alarm clock.

Thinking about the actual functionality and purpose misses the point. I've had the S6 Edge in the wild for about a week. Everyone I've run into looks at the S6 Edge and thinks it's pretty damn cool. No one asks about the functionality.

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I could go on about the camera, which is well done, or shooting video in UHD if you're so inclined. But the conversation begins and ends with the curved screen and how it's unique.

More than a few tech writers have had the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge for about a week. So now we need a storyline and will go fumbling around for deeper meaning about the S6 Edge.

Tech specs: Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

Exhibit A is this take from The Verge. Vlad Savov ponders what the S6 Edge design says about the future of smartphone design, ergonomics and how Samsung isn't adhering to Google's Material Design principles.

CNET's take on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Whoa slow down Vlad. First, Samsung's design is closer to Google's Material Design than I ever expected. Samsung basically would add three layers to Android with previous Galaxy smartphones. Then again no one outside of the tech world cares about Material Design or even knows what it is. And second, the Edge screen is quintessential Samsung, which throws gimmicks out and sees what sticks. Once in a while stuff sticks and becomes a hit. Phablets?!? Really?!? Who would have thought holding a phone book to your head would be so cool Apple even had to follow Samsung.

Yet the S6 Edge overthinking will continue as the Samsung S6 duo lands in the market April 10. What happens if the Edge is dropped? Will those screen slivers become more useful?

In the end here's where the Edge S6 story begins and ends in the marketplace: "Hey, that screen looks cool. $120 more? Sure." End of story.

I'm even willing to bet the Galaxy S6 Edge will outsell the S6. I'm not sure the premium is worth it exactly, but that fancy screen doesn't won't run you that much more. Say you get 10 wows from friends. You'd probably pay $10 a pop to look good in front of your friends. That's what the S6 Edge is about. We'll figure out functionality later---or not.

Here's a look at how to configure the S6 Edge.

How to configure Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge screen

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