​Samsung's latest trademark filing hints at iris-scanning Galaxy

Samsung has filed to trademark the names Galaxy Iris and Galaxy Eyeprint to patent offices in the US and South Korea, raising the possibility that it will apply iris-recognition technology to its future phones.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung trademarked the name Galaxy Iris and Galaxy Eyeprint in US and South Korea last month, a filing of the monikers released shows, raising the possibility that the tech giant will apply iris-scanning technology to future phones.

A search on the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) shows the company, together with affiliate Samsung C&T, filed for Galaxy Iris and Galaxy Eyeprint on May 12.

In the filing Samsung said it could apply the name to a future smartphone or a tablet without elaborating.

Samsung made a similar filing in the US, media reports show.


(KIPRIS screenshot)

Last month, Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab Iris in India that works with the local Aadhaar authentication -- a database collecting the iris and fingerprints of citizens there.

The 7-inch tablet's 5 megapixel back camera is armed with a sensor that can read the eyes of users. The company hopes it will be used for banking and e-governance services such as passport, taxation, healthcare, and education.

The company has applied finger-print recognition on its phones since the Galaxy S5, but the tablet is its first for iris-scanning.

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