São Paulo IT workers want pay rise of 10.5 percent in 2015

Techies want increase in pay and meal allowances, plus a larger slice of employer's profits
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

The yearly negotiations over pay and benefits for technology professionals in the state of São Paulo have commenced again, with the traditional to-ing and fro-ing between staff and employer unions.

IT workers in the state - where the largest concentration of tech companies in the country are based including multinationals such as SAP, Capgemini, Logica and other large local firms such as Stefanini, Totvs and Tivit - want a salary increase of 10.5 percent effective January 2015.

Employers body Seprosp is offering an increase of 6.5 percent. However, staff union Sindpd says that other demands were denied by the bosses, such as the increase in lunch allowances (which in Brazil are paid for by employers) to R$18 ($6.8) per day, plus larger contributions towards health insurance and profit sharing plans for all IT workers in the state.

Despite recognizing that the employers' offer this year is unusual because it's slightly above the inflation rate of 6.41 percent, the IT staff union says it will not give up on the additional demands.

Sindpd has pointed out on a statement that resistance from the employers led to the decision to go on strike last year.

It also added that the discussions should be around improvements of the working conditions for sector professionals, rather than talking about the "supposed economic instability" of IT companies.

A second round of negotiations between the employers and staff unions is expected to take place later today.

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