SAP, Qualtrics embed employee sentiment, analytics into Concur Travel, Concur Expense

The companies said travel in the new normal of work is going to require an ongoing feedback loop between enterprises and employees.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

SAP and Qualtrics have launched the Concur Experience Optimizer, which embeds employee experience management into Concur Travel and Concur Expense.

The aim of the joint offering is to help companies design travel programs and bolster spend management and employee retention.

Concur Experience Optimizer includes the listening and analysis tools in Qualtrics EmployeeXM and the operational data in SAP's Concur platform. Qualtrics is majority owned by SAP. 

According to SAP and Qualtrics, adapting to new travel norms in the hybrid workplace will be critical. Qualtrics recent research found that 54% of employees said travel was important to critical to their role. And 84% of respondents said they are willing to travel in the next year.

However, global business travelers will want different perks in the new normal including the ability to choose direct flights. On the expense front, employees have new categories of spending to support remote, hybrid and office work.

Concur Experience Optimizer includes listening and analysis tools to capture employee sentiment. SAP is also providing consultants to put the data into action. 

Concur Experience Optimizer also includes:

  • Analytics to organize spending patterns, spot saving opportunities and close policy and process gaps.
  • Risk management to spot non-compliant spending.
  • Visibility into travel and expenses.
  • Built-in sustainability objectives. 

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