Sapho adds hourly worker support to its employee experience portal

Hourly workers have different needs than salaried ones and more mobile access points to tasks.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Sapho, which specializes in employee experience software, said it will add support for hourly workers in its latest release.

The company launched its Sapho Employee Experience Portal 5.0 and added tasks and connections that will help hourly workers be more efficient. Time entry, shift management and access to information without using email are challenges for hourly workers.

Fouad ElNaggar, CEO of Sapho, said hourly workers are a pillar of most enterprises and need faster access as well as training. "These workers are not at a desk all day but in a location with wifi. These people need different systems and have lots of needs," explained ElNaggar.

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Sapho delivers tasks directly to workers via cards and notifications on multiple screens. As a result, the software aggregates a bevy of applications. With a move to support hourly workers, Sapho will start connecting to software packages such as Kronos, Humanity and Oracle PeopleSoft.

Hourly workers will get micro apps for clocking in and out, entering time and shift changes. Since hourly workers are likely to be on mobile devices Sapho is aiming to boost productivity in the field.

"Unlike salaried employees, hourly employees churn every four to six months," said ElNaggar. "There isn't time to teach them with two weeks of training so it makes sense to put everything on a portal and get work to them in a way that feels like a consumer app."

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