Sarcasm punctuation most revolutionary mark since the smiley

A new punctuation mark has been developed to raise the awareness of written sarcasm. Could this be the next big thing since the smiley face?
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Sarcasm is not necessarily an invention of the English language but Britons have defined it as our own, using it in subtle ways to leave a recipient unsure of whether they have been insulted until two weeks later.

Written sarcasm is far more difficult to tell unless suffixed with a tongue-out emoticon which only gives slight reference to the potential of the sarcasm being used. Yet as a fantastic evolutionary element of language that sarcasm is, the sender would horribly regret the insult not being recognised for the value it should have given.

SarcMark has been developed to give sarcasm the much needed punctuation mark that it deserves. By pushing Ctrl + > buttons in your compatible software, including all common email and instant messaging software, will enable you to punctuate your sarcastic scathing sentence with a dedicated mark.


While some may see it as a whimsical method of picking up a surreptitious insult, according to the Telegraph:

"Paul Sak of the firm said that the new punctuation mark was not a gimmick and had serious potential applications, such as allowing deaf people to pick up sarcasm in subtitles."

The mark costs $1.99 and is available on Windows, Mac, and BlackBerry products. Could this be the next big thing since the smiley face? Because the world definitely needs yet another dedicated key to add to the keyboard
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