Say hello to another feed you didn't ask for on Instagram

Instagram is testing a new feature to try and entice you to pay for Meta Verified. Are you tempted?
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
New Instagram feed feature
Instagram/Adam Mosseri

For years, Instagram users have been complaining about their feed, advocating for an algorithm that is chronological -- the way it used to be. Instagram is now testing a new feature for users' feeds, except that it does not seem to solve an issue people were having: A new feed for only verified accounts. 

On Monday, Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced via his Instagram broadcast channel that the social media platform is testing a new toggle option that would show users a feed with posts made from only Meta Verified users. 

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Users will be able to access the new feed by tapping the Instagram logo in the top left corner, which will present three options: The existing "Following" and "Favorites" tabs, and the new "Meta Verified" tab underneath. 

The feature is meant to help both creators and followers by giving creators a way to stand out and giving users more control over what they see. 

"We're exploring this as a new control for people and a way for businesses and creators to get discovered," said Mosseri in the broadcast post, according to reports.

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This new feed seems like an attempt by Instagram to sway people to switch to the Meta Verified subscription to get more exposure on the platform since the Meta Verified subscription will guarantee you a place in the new feed, which will be saturated with fewer accounts. 

However, even though users who have a Meta Verified account will technically rank higher in that specific feed than the general one, the question arises of who will actually choose to scroll through that feed. 

Meta Verified, initially launched in February, costs users a hefty $14.99 per month when users sign up on iOS or Android via the mobile app or $11.99 when signing up via the web.

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