Schneider Electric delivers prefab datacenter modules

Schneider is the next big player to place a bet on modular.
Written by David Chernicoff, Contributor

So when you have the power deployment, backup and DCIM infrastructures down pat, what’s the next step? If you are Schneider Electric it is the release of prefabricated datacenter modules covering a broad range of datacenter user needs.

Schneider has introduced 15 datacenter modules targeted at a different range of power and scalability needs along with 14 new reference designs that spell out complete datacenters. Schneider has been providing reference designs for datacenter build outs for quite some time and actually offers a library of 24 designs ranging from 175kW Tier 1 designs to 1.75 MW 36,000 square feet Tier 3 enterprise datacenters. They even provide a video describing the construction of a 20 MW datacenter using their reference information and modular design.


The new prefab modules can be customized to meet power needs from 90kW up to 1.2MW and come equipped with the full range of Schneider power and cooling equipment plus the StruxureWare Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software, Schneider’s complete suite of DCIM products.

Schneider, recognizing that major datacenter equipment vendors such as Dell and HP are shipping their own prefabricated datacenter modules and clearly see the modules as a logical next step from their datacenter reference designs. With a lead time for custom fabrication of less than four months they will be able to deliver built-to-spec datacenter modules onsite and believe that this type of predictability, coupled with the flexibility and scalability of their designs and modules will make their products the modular datacenter of choice.

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