Schneider Electric looks to combine DCIM and DCFM in a single product

Getting a good look at how energy is beijg used throughput your datacenter is the first step to greater efficency
Written by David Chernicoff, Contributor

Datacenter energy management usually falls into a number of categories; for example, managing the equipment that handles the IT workload, and managing the physical plant facility. In the past, the responsibility for these energy management roles was often divided between multiple groups, with facilities and IT never really finding a way to mesh.

The drive to more energy efficient datacenters means that this model is no longer viable. Neither group can operate in a vacuum, and Data Center Infrastructure Management and Data Center Facilities Management are simply pieces of the energy efficiency whole. With their new StruxureWare for Data Centers, Schneider looks to combine these capabilities in a single product to give the parties responsible for maintaining energy efficient datacenters a single worldview of their datacenter efficiency

With a unifying view of the datacenter energy usage the operator gets an opportunity to see exactly where the energy is being used, highlight inefficiencies and look at ways to minimize the bottlenecks that increase energy usage with no concurrent benefit. Understanding the entire energy picture is the first step to building the most efficient datacenter possible and Schnedier believes that their StruxureWare offering gives customers the best possible view of there their energy dollars are being spent and the best opportunity to make sure that that money is being spent well.

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