Screenshots: Inside Microsoft's new Facebook office application

So what's inside Microsoft Docs, the new Facebook-integrated online office suite? Let's take a look. Screenshot gallery
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Through harassing their public relations department, I was given access to Microsoft Docs - which was released yesterday at the Facebook f8 conference - a new sharing and collaboration online office suite which integrates with your Facebook friends.

GalleryTo see a full set of screenshots from the new Microsoft Docs - the Office Web Apps spin-off with Facebook network and friend integration, head over to the screenshot gallery.

For the purpose of demonstrating the capabilities of Docs, I used Google Chrome (which works brilliantly, by the way) and Internet Explorer 8 - the latter being used for seamless transition, downloading and editing of documents offline in Office 2010.

So far, so good. The very heart and soul of Docs is the Office Web Apps implementation which as I published long ago, is unchanged. The major differentiation between Docs and the Office Web Apps integration into SkyDrive is the ability to co-author, edit and share documents and work with your existing Facebook network.

Some interesting features do show themselves, such as Docs giving Office documents stored online a shortened URL, looking like: http://docs.com/### - where the hashes indicate a unique alphanumeric code.

For now, you can add yourself to the list of names for when the beta opens up a bit further. Anyone (out of the nearly 450 million users) with a Facebook account will be eligible to try out Docs.

Later on tonight, a question and answer interview with Microsoft FUSE Labs head, Lili Cheng, will be published here.

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