SD TabletWear Google Nexus 7 cases with magnetic sleep capability (review)

The Google Nexus 7 is great for viewing media content and the SD TabletWear cases help you prop up your device for easier viewing. These cases also support the magnetic sleep mode on the Nexus 7.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I am thoroughly enjoying my Nexus 7 tablet and have been carrying it more than my iPad for the last couple of weeks. I have been using my old orange BB PlayBook neoprene slip case to keep it safe in my bag, but wanted some kind of case or device to hold it up so I could watch movies during my commute or flights. The folks at MobileFun contacted me and then sent along a blue Stand and Type case and a white SmartCase to test out with my Nexus 7.

Check out my image gallery of both cases.

SD TabletWear Stand and Type

The blue Stand and Type case for the Nexus 7 is a book style case that offers protection and slick functionality. I like the thin form factor of the Nexus, but with the fantastic display and support for Google Play Movies I wanted some kind of case with the ability to function as a kickstand. The Stand and Type case comes in a simple plastic package. The Navy Blue one looks great and has a textured finish.

The material feels like leather, but the web site states it has a "stylish leather effect" so it is some kind of inexpensive material with a leather feel. For $21, it looks great and appears to be well stitched and assembled. The Nexus 7 fits in tightly with openings for the microUSB port, power button, volume button, headphone jack, microphone, and front facing camera. There are also five circular openings in the lower back over the speaker area so you can still hear your video play. There is still quite a bit of material along the top, right, and bottom to hold the Nexus 7 securely in the case.

After sliding the Nexus 7 into the left side, you then take the flap and slip it down behind the Nexus 7 onto the Velcro piece so that the flap secures and hold the Nexus in tightly.

One of the primary reasons I wanted to take a look at this new case is the sleep function, similar to the iPad Smart Cover. With the Nexus 7 in the case you close the top flap and can feel the magnets holding it closed along the right side. When you lift the front flap you will see your Nexus 7 display turn on so you can unlock and use it. The front flap cover folds all the way around the back so you can still easily hold the Nexus in the case.

In addition to the magnetic on/off functionality, I like that you slide the front cover into a flap on the back. A rectangular area on the back houses the flap that pulls out to keep the cover secure in place. You can then prop up your Nexus 7 in landscape orientation, either at a low angle or a high angle. I like the lower angle most of the time for movie viewing and external Bluetooth keyboard use.

The SD TabletWear Stand and Type only costs $20.99, which I think is a FANTASTIC deal for a "leather" tablet case and I highly recommend it for the Google Nexus 7. It is available in blue, black, red, purple, and white.

Check out the video walkthrough of the case below too.

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SD TabletWear SmartCase

The white SmartCase is designed nearly the same as the Stand and Type case, with the exception of the front flap. The right side that holds your Nexus 7 is the same with the same securing method and openings for ports and buttons. It also has the same support for the magnets and sleep function.

The difference between these two cases is in the way the front cover/flap is designed. There is nothing on the back of the SmartCase so it is slightly thinner compared to the Stand and Type case. The front flap has two even spaced creases and functions much like the Apple iPad Smart Cover. You bend the top cover twice into a triangle and then choose to prop it up at a low or high angle to fit your viewing needs. Magnets hold it in place as well.

The SD TabletWear SmartCase is priced at $23.99 on MobileFun and is available in white, black, purple, and red. I personally prefer the slightly less expensive Stand and Type case since I like the more secure flap design. Both cases are priced MUCH less than I have seen iPad cases and either one is a great option for Nexus 7 owners.

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