Seagate unveils world's first USB-powered desktop hard drive

Seagate's new Innov8 desktop hard drive means no more dedicated power source or adapter required.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

One of the biggest hassles of having desktop hard drives is the mess of wiring involved. Not only do you need a cable to connect the drive to a PC, but you also need a power wire.

Well, not any more.

Seagate has just unveiled Innov8, the world's first USB-powered desktop hard drive. That's right, no dedicated power source or adapter required.

All the power that the 8TB Innov8 drive needs is delivered along with the data down a single, reversible USB-C cable thanks to a feature that Seagate is calling Ignition Boost.

The drive is housed in an all-aluminium enclosure that's both sturdy and well-balanced.

All Innov8 drives come with Seagate Dashboard software, which offers users either one-click on-demand or customizable, scheduled backups for their devices. Also included is 200GB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage and Lyve software compatibility, so users can back up, access and share their data from any device (Android and iOS) or location.

Seagate Innov8: World's first USB-powered desktop hard drive

The drive does require a free USB 3.1, and is compatible with Windows 8 and above, and OS X 10.11 and above.

The 8TB Seagate Innov8 will be available in April and will come in at a very reasonable $349.

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