Seeking advice for IT services career in India

ZDNet Asia reader is unsure if he is on the right path and wants to know what courses he should pursue to complement his skills.
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Q. I have done my Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (majoring in finance and marketing, with IT as a minor subject) at the Indian Institute of Planning and Management in New Delhi. The institute is popular for management courses.

I am now working as an IT consultant in a small organization which is new in the IT consultancy and services field. I have sufficient knowledge in basic IT applications, and I want to know if I can and should take up a course in SAP. Also, what other certification should I pursue to enhance my career prospects? I have no professional software programming and development knowledge.

My career goal is not well-specified yet. I'm just one week into this job as an assistant manager in IT solutions consulting. It's a very small and young organization. I won't say I was very keen to work here but I just grabbed the first opportunity I got during campus placements in my college. My area of interest lies in marketing, brand management and retail, and since I have entered into IT consulting and selling, I am not sure where I will end up. I was told by a friend that there are some certifications like ITIL Foundation or those related to technologies like IBM and Oracle, which I could take. But I don't know much about the courses, costs and details of institutes that provide such training. Please advise.

Career advice from Shashi Bhushan Rai, managing director of Brahmrishi Technologies:
The alternative courses mentioned doesn't suit your profile. Considering your interests in the retail sector and the growth potential in India during next five to 10 years, I believe that the candidate can opt for supply chain management (SCM). Hypermarts or supermarts will be the norm in a few years' time, particularly in the tier 1, tier 2 or tier 3 cities in India. These organizations need skilled people in SCM area because retail's main strength lies in SCM. Alternatively, I can also recommend going for courses in business intelligence or data Warehousing which would complement your qualifications.

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