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Send your software architect career skyrocketing with the skills and tips in this $10 eBook bundle

Now you can make your workday more efficient, plus advance your career further and faster, just by having access to all of the critical information they didn't teach in school.
Written by StackCommerce, Partner

If you're a software architect or considering becoming one, you will certainly appreciate the five highly-reviewed titles in the Software Architecture eBook Bundle by O'Reilly. They are full of actionable content on software development, building systems/architecture, and tech strategies.

Why not start with the title that could turbocharge not just your skills but your entire career? You can find out how to prepare for a role in the enterprise that is more complex but also more rewarding in "The Software Architect Elevator". This book is a crowd favorite; readers awarded it an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. So you may want to take notes on this one. 

Valuable insight can always be gained by knowing how others do the same job you do. You may learn of more efficient ways to complete tasks or even what not to do after hearing about mistakes made by others. In "97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know", top software architects reveal what they think is important and how they choose to approach a project.

"Designing Distributed Systems" is full of specific practical information. Author Brendan Burns is Microsoft Azure's Director of Engineering, and he provides a collection of generic patterns that can be used repeatedly to develop reliable distributed systems efficiently.

You will learn how to use practical patterns, both individually and in clusters, to create great technology strategies in "Technology Strategy Patterns: Architecture as Strategy". And "Microservice Architecture: Aligning Principles, Practices, & Culture" explains how microservices work, as well as exactly what it means to build applications the microservices way.

This is all the kind of information that will make your job easier and more enjoyable, resulting in less stress at the end of your workday. You could even treat yourself to some deals on Playstation Plus or gaming accessories but jump on this one first.

Don't pass up this chance to get an amazing amount of valuable content that could boost a software architect's career, grab the Software Architecture eBook Bundle by O'Reilly while it's on sale for only $9.99.

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