Sentilla posts white paper about data center cooling trends of the future

White paper: How you cool your data center will be a very different proposition five years from now.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Sentilla, which develops intelligent energy analytics software for measuring data centers, has published a new white paper that talks about trends in data center cooling. The main thrust of the piece is that five years from now, the average data center will be kept running at an average of five degrees hotter than today. Some of this will be due to new adaptive cooling techniques, some of it will be attributable to the fact that server hardware will be configured to handle and operate at higher temperatures than in the past. Getting more granular about the temperature in specific portions of your data center facility WILL be a concern, however, which is of course something that Sentilla proposes to keep tabs on. In any event, you should take a peek at this brief paper (just two pages) to stoke up your own thinking on data center cooling strategy.

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