Seven reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 beats the Google Pixel for the enterprise

The new Google Pixel phone is focused on Google Assistant, but there features in the Note 7 that make it the better phone for the enterprise.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Josh Miller/CNET

Yesterday Google revealed all the details on the Pixel smartphones. The comparable 128GB Pixel XL is priced higher than the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but the Note 7 remains the best Android enterprise smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, see my full review, is a fantastic smartphone and so far I am enjoying my replacement coral blue phone. I drafted this article before Jason's latest post describing how a replacement Note 7 caught fire so this may be one of my last Note 7 articles for a while as I temper my enthusiasm until we hear from Samsung on this latest development.

So assuming the Note 7 battery issue has indeed been resolved, here are my reasons that the Note 7 is better for the enterprise than the Google Pixel:

  1. Water resistance: With the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7, and Moto devices all offering some form of water resistance, I will no longer purchase a phone without it. I use my phone outside and in the field enough where I want the peace of mind that it will not fail and it doesn't appear to add much cost to phones so there's no excuse that a 2016 phone doesn't have it.
  2. S Pen: Samsung continues to enhance the functionality of the S Pen and I've used it more on the Note 7 than with any previous Note. It lets me quickly add handwritten notes, function as a mouse on my phone, and offer useful functions such as translation and magnification.
  3. microSD expansion card: Google does provide up to 128GB of internal storage, which is a plenty for most applications. However, it is still very convenient to swap microSD cards in and out of the Note 7. You can have storage cards for different jobs and keep files isolated quickly and easily.
  4. Iris scanner: The iris scanner provides businesses with another form of security. Better security is good for business.
  5. Secure folder: It may be vital to keep documents and apps secure on your smartphone and thanks to Samsung's secure folder you can quickly and easily setup such a secure location on the device.
  6. Large display and smaller form factor: The Galaxy Note 7 offers a 5.7 inch display in a smaller form factor than the Google Pixel. A large display is important for working with documents and spreadsheets.
  7. Samsung Pay in addition to Android Pay: Both phones support Android Pay, but Samsung offers the addition of Samsung Pay so you can use it in more places.

If paying nearly $900 is more than you can justify, Jason Cipriani posted details on how the Google Pixel stacks up with $399 phones.

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