SGI ups Linux support with e-business solution

The big names love Linux...Will Knight reports
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Hardware manufacturer SGI furthered its commitment to the Linux operating system Thursday, announcing the availability of IBM's WebSphere Application Server on the SGI 1450 Linux-based server at the European Linux Conference, London.

The collaboration increases SGI's position as an e-business hardware manufacturer and furthers IBM's expansion into the Linux market.

SGI has steadily increased its commitment of to Linux with a number of recent announcements. Significantly the high-power computer manufacturer recently released to the open source community, enhanced source code needed to write Linux compilers for Intel's 64-bit Itanium processor.

"Our ISP, medium-size and small Internet customers are looking for completely integrated e-business solutions," adds Greg Estes, president and general manager of Broadband and Internet Solutions at SGI.

IBM was also keen to voice its support of for the increasingly popular Linux operating system. "WebSphere and DB2 on the SHI 1450 server further expand our e-business reach into the Linux market," says Steve Mills, general manager of the IBM software group. "Where we're able to provide a scalable and secure environment for executing and managing pervasive service offerings."

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