Share your summer travel: T-Mobile provides free unlimited high speed data throughout Europe in July and August

T-Mobile announced free high speed data for customers traveling to Europe this summer, along with a free hour of Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi for everyone on domestic flights this weekend.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
(Image: T-Mobile)

Every time I travel outside the US I bring at least one phone with my T-Mobile SIM thanks to free data and text messaging. To make your European vacation even more enjoyable, T-Mobile is offering free high speed data throughout Europe in July and August.

While you currently receive free data, standard speed is 128 kbps, in more than 140 countries outside the US, there is an additional fee for high speed data. From 1 July to 31 August, Simple Choice postpaid customers traveling across Europe will be able to enjoy high speed data service for free.

Outside of these two months, high speed data is available for $15 for 100MB for a single day pass, $25 for 200MB for a seven day pass, and $50 for 500MB for a 14 day pass. This summer you can connect and use as much high speed data as you want for free.

T-Mobile is also offering a one free hour of Gogo Wi-Fi service on domestic flights for everybody. You do not have to be a T-Mobile customer to enjoy this free hour from 24 June to 26 June. Gogo is available on more than 33,000 flights this weekend so get thanked by T-Mobile when you travel.

Lastly, T-Mobile added the country of Belize to its Simple Global list of 140+ countries.

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