Shopify's revamped mobile app could help SMBs ditch the desktop

Shopify says its new app will let users run their entire business from a smartphone or tablet.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

E-commerce platform provider Shopify is rolling out a redesigned mobile app for iOS and Android that it says will let users run their entire business from a smartphone or tablet.

In addition to an overall streamlined user interface, the app includes a bevy of new features, including the ability to fulfill and manage orders, update customer profiles, modify product descriptions, and publish product photos.

The Home screen now includes a real-time view of store performance and shows the total sales and number of visitors for the day, week, or month. The app also allows users to access financial and sales reports for more detailed performance insights.

In addition, the app's Timeline communication feature, which provides in-app messaging between employees, now provides push notifications for improved collaboration.

Overall, the app update is aiming to satisfy the growing number of small business owners who want the ability to run their business on the go.

"We think the key component to this launch is that no computer is now needed to run a business on Shopify," said Shopify CMO Craig Miller. "We see the transition from computer to mobile as a growing trend in businesses especially amongst entrepreneurs."

Shopify hasn't revealed any specifics on what's powering the new app but says it was totally rebuilt from the ground up with technology developed in Shopify's lab. Shopify claims the technology will make it easier to send out new features and app updates across devices.

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