Sick of Tweetdeck? Hootsuite announces Hootlet update

Hootsuite has announced an update for Hootlet, which promises to make all your social media activities "simple and straightforward".
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor
Image: Hootsuite

Hootsuite, the Vancouver based social media management system has announced a major update to its Hootlet product. The update has some new features, which aims to simplify the social media experience for users.

Hootlet is a Chrome extension that brings social right into the Chrome browser. It has got some really cool features for those of us hooked on multiple social networking platforms.

If you discover interesting content on your favourite website you might want to share it with your networks.

If you do not have an embedded “share” button you will need to copy, paste and compose your content in a separate window in order to share it on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else.

The complexity of this process often prevents users from sharing certain content with their friends at all.

Hootlet promises that you will only need one extension to perform “all the researching, sharing and posting you do while in your browser”.

You can share Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, photos, and YouTube videos across your social networks and accounts.

Hootlet is integrated into your browser so you can share content from anywhere across multiple social networks. You can manually schedule your post to go out at specific times of the day.

You can reply to messages or retweet from within the browser. You can also re-share snippets from web pages or broadcast an image that you have found.

hootlet hootsuite chrome extension
Image: Hootsuite

It has an auto scheduler feature, which takes “out the guesswork” and lets you publish posts at the “best possible time for engagement”.

It also allows you to add social context to your Google searches. This enables you to see tweets based on keyword, location or business listing. You can see which tweets are being sent from your vicinity and view geo-located social media message searches on Yelp and Google maps.

For those of us who keep our browsers — and our social media channels open all day — Hootlet could turn out to be really useful in streamlining our social curation.

It is certainly worth downloading for a test run.

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