silicon.com merges with TechRepublic to create essential read for tech leaders

TechRepublic UK edition launches, powered by silicon.com
Written by Steve Ranger, Global News Director

TechRepublic UK edition launches, powered by silicon.com

At the end of this month silicon.com is merging with its sister publication, TechRepublic, as part of the launch of TechRepublic's new UK edition.

We're pretty sure you'll like TechRepublic's UK edition as much as we do, as it shares the same mission as silicon.com: to help business leaders take smart tech decisions that make their organisation more effective and successful.

We think the combined strengths of silicon.com and TechRepublic, one of the biggest names in tech reporting, create a must-read publication for everyone involved in enterprise technology, from CIOs to consultants and developers. The combination of silicon.com and TechRepublic offers a blend of expert reporting, original and exclusive content from CIOs and other IT professionals and peer-to-peer advice, all aimed at helping IT executives excel.

As part of the merger, much of the content that you love about silicon.com - from silicon.com's popular Cheat Sheets to the respected CIO Jury - will be moving over to TechRepublic in the next couple of weeks.

We've already set up two new sections on TechRepublic which we'd urge you to take a look at:

First, the new CIO Insights section looks at the world of IT from the point of view of the CIO, CTO, IT director and other senior business and technology decision-makers. This section will also be home to silicon.com's Cheat Sheets, the most recent of which is our look at Windows 8.

There you will also find the CIO Jury, which has already moved to its new home on TechRepublic. And we've got big plans to expand it further.

As a first step, we've opened it up to CIOs across the globe, so that the new CIO Jury will now bring you the opinions of CIOs worldwide. If you'd like to get involved with the CIO Jury follow the link to find out how. The CIO 50 - now in its sixth year - will also be moving to TechRepublic, too. We'll be bringing you more news on that development later this year.

Secondly, we've also launched a new European Technology section on TechRepublic which will cover the big enterprise technology news from the UK and mainland Europe - and what it means for you. So we'll be covering everything from exciting UK start-ups right up to the biggest tech companies across Europe, and subjects as diverse as 3D printing, the Raspberry Pi and Google's privacy policy.

If you like what you see - and we hope you do - you can already sign up for the new TechRepublic UK newsletter .

Since 1998, silicon.com has charted the rise - and occasional fall - of the digital economy in the UK, and chronicled its impact on business and society in general. Please join us as we continue to cover those trends as part of TechRepublic, with the same unwavering commitment to excellence in reporting that has made silicon.com such a respected and award-winning publication in the past decade and a half.

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