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​SK Telecom achieves top 5G speeds on BMW connected car

SK Telecom has successfully tested its 5G network on a connected car running at 170 kilometers per hour, reaching 3.6Gbps data transfer speeds.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

SK Telecom said it reached a data transfer speed of 3.6Gbps on connected cars running at 170 kilometers per hour, the highest for a 28GHz-based 5G pilot network.

The South Korean telco, together with Ericsson and BMW, achieved the speed at the German car maker's driving centre in Incheon city, west of the capital Seoul.

The company first successfully trialled the pilot 5G network in the same location in November. Its data transfer rate of 3.6Gbps is double what it achieved then, SK Telecom said, and seven times a running car's current high of 500Mbps.

The telco said 5G is a must for connected cars and the super-fast data transfer rate will allow services that prevent accidents.

SK Telecom is testing its pilot 5G network at the 2.6-kilometre track in Incheon. The ability of high spectrum to avoid obstacles is difficult, but it achieved the speed thanks to beamforming and beamtracking technology.

The company will showcase accompanying services with its 5G network once it goes commercial, it said.

On Monday, SK Telecom said it will deploy its IoT-dedicated LoRa network in Thailand after a deal with a state-backed telco there.

The telco has been working closely with Ericsson in 5G development, and last year announced joint testing with Qualcomm on 5G NR.

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