​SK Telecom signs IoT network rollout deal with Thailand

SK Telecom and Thailand's CAT Telecom have signed an MOU to deploy a LoRa pilot network in Bangkok and Phuket and launch IoT pilot services in April.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

SK Telecom will deploy its Internet of Things network in Thailand together with state-owned telco CAT Telecom.

South Korea's largest wireless network provider will deploy its LoRa-based IoT network in central areas of Bangkok as well as the entire province of Phuket. The network will go live in April this year.

The company commercialized the network in its home country last July.

The IoT-dedicated network costs $1.75 per 100MB per month and is aimed at network services that are not data intensive.

The two telcos will launch a LoRa-based vehicle location-tracking service in Phuket and add smart metering and smart street lighting services at a later date.

Thailand is aiming to make Phuket its first smart city under it digital economy policy.

SK Telecom will roll out LoRaWAN in Bangkok's Grand Palace and offer location tracking services aimed at tourists.

The two telcos, together with Korean payment gate service provider NHN KCP, will also launch a joint venture called Tree Pay to launch its namesake payment gateway service there.

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