​SK Telecom opens Seoul campus for startups

Any startups in Korea will be eligible to use meeting rooms and facilities at SK Telecom's Seoul campus when registrations open at the end of April.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

SK Telecom will open its Seoul campus to startups in Korea, either foreign or local, the company has announced.

The mobile carrier's campus in the country's capital was previously dedicated to those backed by the firm, but now any startups will be able to register for membership and use the facilities.

Registrations will open near end of April, though a specific date has yet to be set, a SK Telecom spokesman said.

The campus consists of two floors taking up a total 855 meter-square space. It has two large meeting rooms that can house 40 people and another lounge-style room that can house 30.

A media room allows virtual reality video and podcast broadcasting, while a workshop with a laser cutter, 3D printer, and UV printer will be opened specifically for venture mentoring institutes and university startups, the company said.

Members will get newsletters from SK Telecom on planned conferences. They can also book meetings with the company's relevant divisions for mentoring and business opportunities.

The mobile carrier will invest in promising startups, hold co-marketing and public relations campaigns, and conduct co-research, it said.

Last month, the company held a conference called T-Lounge, which briefed startups on its progress in artificial intelligence (AI) technology and its AI speaker, Nugu.

It will hold the T-Lounge conference periodically going forward with different themes for members at the campus.

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